The Anchorage

The Anchorage

Four star furnished coastal accommodation in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Spacious Accommodation

This new house replaces a pair of old stone cottages so that the exterior appears to be 2 houses but inside there is one spacious modern house. The Anchorage sleeps 10 with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 1 shower room

Picturesque Coastal Location

The Anchorage is located in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park with the coast path at the front gate. The Anchorage is only 50 meters from the high tide mark on Sandy Haven creek

Explore the grounds

With 2 acres of garden including woodland, a large patio garden with stone and slate BBQ, there is parking for up to 5 cars on asphalt and  spacious boat parking on grass.

Child Friendly

The house is classed as child friendly and has two indoor children’s play areas with toys,  books and children's DVD's. You will also find a children’s fort in woodland overlooking the house that is ideal for children camping whilst parents remain snug in the house.

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09th Sep 2012
Large shell well

The Shell Well

Between the side entrance and the garage is a picturesque water well studded and roofed with seashells.   This originated because the original cottages had a considerable problem of damp and...

09th Sep 2012
The Anchorage Christmas 2011

The House Design

When purchased in 1982 there was a ruined double stone cottage on the site. Although grants were available to restore it, as the doors were only five feet tall and...

09th Sep 2012

The Name

The owner of The Anchorage is a geologist originating in Milford Haven but working around the world. The Anchorage is where he would have liked to live with his family...