26th Dec 2012
Stack Rock Fort from our boat

Boat Trip to Stack Rock Fort

This is my first story for The Anchorage website. I am Matt, second son in the Roobol family, and I have spent much of my childhood and time as an...

26th Dec 2012
Sunlight and sea

The Nicholas Stone

The Anchorage site when purchased was full of rock and it took several summers of activity to get it all cleared up. The numerous vast sandstone boulders (shed by a...

02nd Dec 2012
A view up Sandy Haven Creek

The Black Mud of Sandy Haven

As a teenager in Milford Haven, my old grannie Newman worried about my roaming about looking at rocks in strange places as this was regarded as rather bizarre behaviour. She...

02nd Dec 2012

Cap Stones for The Anchorage Gate Posts

One summer when our oldest son Peter was 12 years old, we took one of his school friends (Matthew) with us to Pembrokeshire for our annual summer holiday. Our group...

02nd Dec 2012
Sea cliffs near Lindsway Bay

King Neptune and The Pembrokeshire Coastline

During a lifetime of summer holidays in Pembrokeshire, mainly spent on the beaches with a family that grew to include what became four children, we all enjoyed beachcombing. For the...

01st Dec 2012
Shell well and shipwreck chair

My ‘Orrible Dad

In 1982 I bought a plot of land at Sandy Haven and started work on a house and gardens (now The Anchorage). Work had to start immediately as it was...

01st Dec 2012
The writer with the large aluminium spar that was collected first. It measures 3m long by 18cm wide by 13mm thick.

The Aluminium Wreckage of Lindsway Bay Pembrokeshire

When our children were young, August spent in Pembrokeshire was very sunny and the winds blew from the south west. Lately for some years August has become the monsoon season...

01st Dec 2012
Joanne – the little mermaid – on West Dale beach

Three Big Waves at West Dale Bay

One very hot sunny summers day on our annual Pembrokeshire holiday when our first child was about 8 years old, we all went to West Dale Bay. It was a...

01st Dec 2012
Joanne and her big brother Peter carrying the bottle of orange juice to Musslewick beach

The Bottle of Orange Juice at Musselwick Sands Pembrokeshire

One summer when our fourth child was still a baby we spent the day on Musselwick sands beyond Marloes village. This involved parking alongside the road and walking across a...

01st Dec 2012

An Early Winter Storm

Its nice to visit Pembrokeshire at different seasons to see the changes. One time when we had three young children we decided to have a holiday in Pembrokeshire in October...