Coastal Cottages in Pembrokeshire

There are many coastal cottages in Pembrokeshire and almost all of them lie within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park with its famous coast path that has recently been extended to include the entire coastline of Wales.

The Anchorage is one of the larger of these cottages where the front gate opens on to the coast path only 50 meters from the high tide mark. The house is near the entrance to Sandy Haven pill or creek with a hard pebble beach used to launch small boats. The 1.4 mile long tidal creek with its yellow sand bottom is ideal for small boats especially kayaks and is relatively safe, being sheltered and with shore nearby. With kayaks it is possible to paddle out of the creek and turn west where, before reaching Great Castle Head, there are three beaches with high cliffs that are accessible only from the sea, so it is possible to have a beach to oneself. However care must be taken watching picnic and BBQ materials, as on these beaches the seabirds rule and will rob the infrequent visitor. At low tide the creek is dry and a good place for a walk. The footbridge across the stream in the creek, only 140m from The Anchorage, is a very poplar crabbing place in the summer, where children and parents armed with string with some bacon tied to the end and a bucket, catch the local red and green crabs and return them in the evening to be caught again the next day. The entrance to Sandy Haven pill or creek is a good place to catch sea bass and mullet.

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