Fort Sandy

The Anchorage occupies the side of a small valley. Behind the house, the wooded valley side rises to a raised marine platform that covers the Dale Peninsula and provides the flat farmland. A woodland path leads up from the gardens to Fort Sandy (on the platform) which is a small fort with false wooden cannon […]

History of The Project

The stories and photographs on this website record the history of the Roobol family of John and Anne and their four children, Peter, Joanne, Matthew and Alice over a lifetime of summer holidays in Pembrokeshire. An early photograph taken in 1974 show Anne and one year old Peter on Albion Sands. Throughout the photographs the […]

The Monks Garden

In summer the social center of  The Anchorage is the large patio garden in front of the house onto which two front doors open. This is known as The Monks Garden. It is a delightful place for breakfast, coffee and sundowner gatherings in seclusion with its surrounding of trees, birds and flowers. It has now been […]

The Shell Well

Between the side entrance and the garage is a picturesque water well studded and roofed with seashells.   This originated because the original cottages had a considerable problem of damp and the cottage garden in winter was often flooded with a few inches of water.   By studying the geology of the Devonian sedimentary rocks of the […]

A Bedouin Heaven

The design of the Anchorage and its two acres of gardens resulted from the owners experience as a geologist working in the Arabian deserts in summer. With daytime temperatures of 50 degrees, work was possible only from dawn to 10.00 am and from until dark. Sometimes midday was spent in black Bedouin tents where […]

The House Design

When purchased in 1982 there was a ruined double stone cottage on the site. Although grants were available to restore it, as the doors were only five feet tall and the owner is over six feet tall, it was demolished. The design of the double cottage is retained in the new modern house with its […]

The Name

The owner of The Anchorage is a geologist originating in Milford Haven but working around the world. The Anchorage is where he would have liked to live with his family but was only able to visit with his family on holidays and “to anchor” there briefly. – John Roobol