Perhaps the major attraction of the Anchorage is as a dinghy, canoe or kayak launching site for the 1.4 mile long tidal creek of Sandy Haven. The high tide line is only 50 m from the Anchorage which has asphalt parking for 5 cars as well as extensive grass parking for boats and trailers. The Sandy Haven creek is tidal (it dries out at low tide). However the beach at the end of the road below the house is of hard gravel and can easily take cars and boat trailers (or dinghies and canoes can be hand carried from the garden to the water). Launching is best about two hours before high tide and landing about two hours after high tide. A landing of small boats is also possible at low tide but they must then be pulled up along the stream channel to the footbridge. An alternative exists because immediately west of Sandy Haven tidal creek there are four shingle and sand beaches that can only be reached by boat. If the tides are high in the mornings and evenings, then these beaches provide an all day adventure with enough driftwood for fires and BBQs. One can leave in the morning and return in the evening without the necessity of an outboard engine. Beware leaving any BBQ food out on these lonely beaches as seagulls rule there and will steal it. The owners family with four children greatly enjoyed summer days of canoeing , swimming and picnicking along the tidal creek and on the beaches up to a mile on either side of Sandy Haven. To experience The Anchorage without taking advantage of the tidal creek is a great missed opportunity. Mullet and bass can be caught in the creek and pollack outside .

– John Roobol

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