The Ruins of the First Baptist Chapel

Across the road from the main entrance to The Anchorage, the ivy grown stone walls of the first Baptist chapel at Sandy Haven can be seen. This was built in 1814 and served the communities of Sandy Haven and Herbrandston. The villagers from Herbrandston walked to the chapel by crossing Sandy Haven creek on stepping stones at low tide, or used the ferry at high tide.  In 1877, this first chapel was abandoned and new one built in a more accessible place at Sandy Hill on the Milford Haven to Dale Road. This chapel is still in service today.

– John Roobol

One Response to “The Ruins of the First Baptist Chapel

  • Hi John,
    I have greatly enjoyed reading your stories of Sandy Haven and its environs. Unwittingly, you have provided some useful information for the novel I am writing, which is based loosely on family history. My great great grandfather was David Bowen, who was tenant for many years at Monkhill Farm and was also very involved in the relocation of the Baptist chapel to Sandy Hill. He is also buried there, having died in 1910. I was intrigued by the mention of old graves at Anchorage in one of your pieces. Do you know if any still have legible names? It is quite possible that David Bowen’s parents are buried there! I visited the chapel recently but no-one was at home at Anchorage. I would love to have a “nosey” around those graves sometime!
    Kind regards
    Lewis G