History of The Project

The stories and photographs on this website record the history of the Roobol family of John and Anne and their four children, Peter, Joanne, Matthew and Alice over a lifetime of summer holidays in Pembrokeshire.

An early photograph taken in 1974 show Anne and one year old Peter on Albion Sands. Throughout the photographs the children can be seen growing up and in some of the latest photographs an adult Peter and Matthew are shown BBQing on Marloes Sands as the family still holiday in Pembrokeshire.

One photograph is showns The Anchorage in 1983 when the site was cleared of blackberries and the terraces were cut and the house site raised.

Several photographs show the building of The Anchorage before the Monks Garden was created.

We hope in the future to include photographs of our grandchildren on holiday in Pembrokeshire.

– John Roobol

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