Nautical Decor

The interior of The Anchorage is decorated with a nautical decor old-world sailing ship theme, including prints and models. This is because the owner feels that the tiny hamlet of Sandy Haven with its few cottages, quay, and limekiln retains much of its 19th century charm. The settlement was formed by the Beer family who operated a coastal trading schooner from the quay they built at the bottom of the road. At that time Sandy Haven creek was a busy small port where lime and culm were brought for burning at many kilns around the creek to supply the local farms with lime for the acid soil. The building of the modern house retains the appearance of 19th century houses in the area (an objective of the National Parks) as well as the double frontage of the two original stone cottages. The era preserved was a time before asphalt roads when much of the commerce was by sea and the trading schooners. A look at parish records for St Ishmaels reveals that people in those days worked in small isolated communities with occupations such as farmer, farm labourer, milkmaid, butcher, baker , boat builder, sail maker, fisherman, net maker and lime burner.

– John Roobol

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